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We all need to get into a habit of checking the material being used at our homes the same way as we check the nutrition label of a food can. We are breathing these materials and they have a large impact on our well being than we realize.

Furnishing a new home or giving the present one a makeover can sometimes result in the collection of clutter and knick knacks that are hardly used. Instead look for eco-friendly ideas that give your interiors a creative environmental twist. They make the space more sustainable and eco friendly. It’s the perfect alternative for homeowners who are tired of following the same trends in furnishings as the rest. There are innumerous ways of introducing eco-friendly ideas in to you home and make your interiors greener.

Have a look at some ideas that are easy to implement and look very chic and stylish.

#1 Carpets

If the interiors of the home have wool carpets, then not much change is required. Or else it is suggested that the homeowner switched to modular carpet tiles. These stylish squares have non toxic dyes and are made from recycled materials only. They are a huge improvement over conventional carpets as they are modular. Their greatest advantage is that once you get bored of them, they can be sent back to the manufacturer for recycling. They also involve very little labour and do not need any toxic padding.

#2 Furniture

It is always advisable to check the source of wood when buying furniture. Wood from a sustainable forest causes no harm to the environment and is cultivated for this purpose only. Furniture made from this type of wood is a great option to decorate the interiors without feeling guilty about cutting trees. Bamboo furniture is another popular option to add aesthetic value to your interiors. It can be converted into any size or shape and can be used for flooring too.

#3 Energy Efficient lighting

When planning the light fixtures of the home go for options that save energy. A simple compact fluorescent light can make a drastic cut in the energy and power bill. It also prevents the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants, which are harmful for the environment and health. Look up the labels and only choose lighting that is energy efficient. An eco friendly interior can simply be created by letting the natural light in. Try and maximize the daylight with large windows and draw the curtains back in the day. The level of pollutants will be reduced and the air will be much healthier.

#4 Painting

VOC or volatile organic compounds are harmful emissions from paints with high lead content and from artificial carpets and furniture made from bad quality of plastic. When buying stuff for the home, read the labels and go for products that have low or no Voc content. You will be protecting your family, pets and plants from harmful pollutant in the air. A good idea is to use wall coverings like wall papers to cover the walls. Designers today are also opting for cork or ceramic tiles and wood panels as flooring since they are extremely eco friendly.

#5 Flooring

Designers today are also opting for cork or ceramic tiles and wood panels as flooring since they are extremely eco-friendly. Homeowners can also go for stone or marble for flooring instead of wood. Wooden parquet or laminated flooring is a commonly seen option by homeowners who are environment conscious. They create an eco-friendly ambience and also add great appeal to the interiors.

#6 Organic Materials

When choosing bedding items like pillows, beddings and mattresses always look for wool stuffingThis will ensure that there are no allergies causing dust mites in the house. Dust mites cause allergies and breathing problems. Stay away from plastic, particle board and chromed metal. Choose the right products and do your bit for saving Mother Earth. Every little step counts in making the world a safe place to live.

All the ideas are easily executable, practical and we hope you would use them for an eco friendly home and environment. Blog provided by Green Energy Scotland.