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If you have viewed a property and registered an interest to make an application, please download an application form to your desktop to complete. An application form is required for each tenant and guarantor. The signed application forms should be submitted to our office along with a photographic ID and 2 proofs of residence of your current address.

Reservation Procedure


We will continue advertising and showing the property to other prospective tenants until a formal application has been received, this should be submitted within 24 hrs of viewing. If more than one application is received the matter will be discussed with the Landlord to assess which application should proceed. At this stage, the property is held for you until the processing of your reference is complete.


All persons over the age of 18 and residing at the property as their main residence will need to be referenced and named on the tenancy agreement. Our referencing is carried out by an independent professional referencing company and includes all the personal, credit and employment checks you would expect to be undertaken to verify your ability to act as a responsible tenant capable of meeting their commitments as set out in the tenancy agreement. PAPERWORK REQUIRED Completed Application form plus:-

  • Photographic evidence of I.D. (passport or driving license)
  • Proof of residence at current address x 2 (e.g. Bank Statement, Council Tax Bill, Utility Bill, etc)
  • Three month’s payslips (must show name and address) if an employer cannot respond to reference within 48hrs.

In certain cases a Guarantor must be provided at the start of the tenancy, the same or a replacement Guarantor must remain guaranteeing the tenancy for as long as it continues. The Guarantor must also complete an application form and be referenced.  DEPOSIT REQUIRED ONCE REFERENCE HAS CLEARED. The Tenant pays the Deposit, one month’s rent + £100, as security for the performance of the Tenant’s obligations and to pay and compensate the Landlord for the reasonable costs of any breach of those obligations. The deposit will be protected by SafeDeposits in accordance with its terms and conditions and if any interest is due it will be apportioned by SafeDeposits when they release the relevant parts of the deposit to the Tenant and, if appropriate and as decided by them, the Landlord. When a Landlord agrees a cat or a dog can be kept at the property the security deposit will be increased by £100 for each such pet. PLEASE NOTE

  • Completed application forms must be returned within 24 hrs of reserving a property (unless otherwise agreed with Bowman Rebecchi Letting). Please allow 48hrs to process the paperwork.
  • It is the tenant's responsibility to have Tenants Liability Insurance to cover damage to the Landlords property. We also strongly recommend taking out Tenants Contents Insurance.
  • Please note that the Initial rental payment MUST be paid by BACS, Internet Banking, cash, Building Society counter cheque or by Bankers draft – personal cheques, Credit & Debit Cards will NOT be accepted. Please be aware that you may be responsible for up to six weeks rent for your initial apportionment.
  • Future rental payments are made by standing order on the 1st of each month. Please note Late Payment charges apply. All rent and other payments received are held in a protected “Ring Fenced” client account currently with the Bank of Scotland and Client Money Protection is in place through our ARLA Regulated Membership
  • You must confirm, yourself, any information given relating to a property’s services e.g. Council Tax Banding, Utilities, Broadband, Mobile Signals, parking permits etc with the relevant authorities and suppliers.
  • If viewing the property whilst tenanted, please note some items may belong to the current tenant. Please check with the property Inventory to establish what is included with the property.

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