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Inverclyde’s leading property business, Bowman Rebecchi has welcomed two new interns as part of its partnership with Career Ready – a national social mobility charity that supports young people to get into work.

The programme provides support to young people as they transition from S5 into S6 with a paid month-long internship alongside 18 months of mentoring support from the business.

The property firm welcomed Rhys Morgan as one of two new interns for 2022-23, with the internship taking place across July 2023 based at Bowman Rebecchi’s Inverclyde office in Gourock.

Rhys shares his insight into the experience with his blog below.:

“This has been an unforgettable experience with Bowman Rebecchi. As I reflect upon the remarkable moments shared, I am filled with awe and gratitude for the profound impact this company has had on my life.

“From the very first day at the business, I knew that I wanted to get started and be able to work in this great workplace with amazing people helping me through the daily struggles and challenges.

“Throughout my time, I have learned so much at Bowman Rebecchi, but beyond the team’s professionalism, everyone's genuine and kind-hearted nature has left an indelible mark. The team’s ability to connect with people on a personal level and make everyone feel valued is exceptional and sets the business apart.

“My mentor was Kathleen Docherty, who is the office manager and was an amazing help every step of the month-long internship. Kathleen provided us with the opportunity to be able to go on the Regal Princess cruise line while docked in Greenock and it was amazing to go on the bridge of the ship to meet the captain. We did this as part of a marketing project but had so much fun doing it, and it was definitely one of the highlights.

“Both Chelsy (my fellow intern) and I got a taste of each department across Bowman Rebecchi and we have gained several different skills as a result, with both of us feeling much more confident.

“During our experience we have focused on several marketing elements, providing insight across so many different types of platforms, with Rhys Elliott (Bowman Rebecchi Marketing Apprentice) supporting us throughout, providing tips and pointers on how to fix mistakes and complete tasks.

“We spent most of our time learning about the letting and sale of residential and commercial property. During the four weeks, we also learned how to undertake inventories and virtual tours. By the end of the programme, I was able to confidently go into a property myself and capture images of each room and complete the inventories for customers.

“We learned how to create property floorplans on AutoCAD with the help of the Rebecchi Architectural team. It was our first time using software like this but by the end, we had created property plans. We also got to sit in a client meeting with Marco Rebecchi, which gave us an overview of what happens when a client wants something carried out to their property.

“Andrew Bowman set us several tasks to support new projects that the business is launching and it was great to support these new ventures which we’ll be able to look back and say we were instrumental in. Andrew helped us out a lot and any questions we had or anything we were stuck on he always had answers on how we could improve it and helped mentor us also. 

“One of the biggest tasks I complete was to create a website from scratch which was a fantastic project and gave me a head start for my own future projects. We had many fun experiences during our time with Bowman Rebecchi, including photoshoots that Career Ready set up which was great fun. 

“Both Chelsy and I learned how to do viewings and show people around properties including Sir Gabriel Wood’s Court, where we really enjoyed talking to the tenants and meeting new people.

“We thoroughly enjoyed our 4 weeks with Bowman Rebecchi and this was one of the best experiences that we have had. It was great to get to know so many fantastic people throughout our community and people behind the scenes.

“I want to thank our mentors Andrew and Kathleen and all of the team for making this an enjoyable experience and a great workplace to work at and will take on this experience we have in our later life. 

“It has not felt like four weeks because I have enjoyed it so much and had the best people to be around. The work wasn’t too hard but was really challenging at points but we knew we could ask for help if we needed it.

“This experience will help me with future life and I’ll be able to put myself forward for any challenges I get my way in the future.

“I want to thank Andrew and Kathleen for taking me and Chelsy on board and the team at Bowman Rebecchi for this experience.”