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Now in its second year, the Young People Are Great (YPAG) campaign aims to celebrate the young people of Scotland by highlighting their achievements and resilience.

In recent years, Bowman Rebecchi has worked closely alongside Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and Inverclyde Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to provide young locals with job opportunities.

(L-R: Lucy MacDonald, Rhys Elliott & Holly Brown who were took on at Bowman Rebecchi as part of UK's Kicktsart Scheme)
(L-R: Lucy MacDonald, Rhys Elliott & Holly Brown who were took on at Bowman Rebecchi as part of UK's Kicktsart Scheme)
In 2021, Bowman Rebecchi employed three staff members, Lucy MacDonald, Rhys Elliott & Holly Brown, as part of the UK Government’s Kickstart Scheme, helping young people aged 16-24 who are receiving Universal Credit to find six-month work placements, so they can gain experience and skills that will set them up for future employment.

As part of the Kickstart Scheme, 22-year-old Rhys Elliott was brought on to support a software upgrade and has since developed into a key component of the team, supporting a wide range of marketing activities across all business activities and is currently studying towards his Marketing Apprenticeship, supported by Inverclyde Council and Bowman Rebecchi.

(2021-22 Career Ready Intern Jack Crombie)
More recently, Bowman Rebecchi, alongside Career Ready, has announced an expansion to their Internship Programme after the success of their 2021-22 programme which saw 16-year-old Jack Crombie from Port Glasgow High School taking on a 4-week internship in 2022.

(Bowman Rebecchi Office Manager Kathleen Docherty & 2023 Career Ready intern Rhys Morgan)
The property firm will now welcome two candidates in 2023, high school students Rhys Morgan & Chelsy Learie, with the internship taking place across July and August 2023 based at Bowman Rebecchi’s Inverclyde office in Gourock, covering a variety of departments, including residential and commercial property, architectural services, advertising, and marketing.

Andrew Bowman, co-founder of Bowman Rebecchi said:

“Investing back into the community and providing opportunities to local residents is something that we are very passionate about at Bowman Rebecchi.

“We are aiming to further develop the programme and hope to provide and welcome further local talent consistently alongside Career Ready and Developing the Young Workforce.”