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The Holly and the Ivy and the Tinsel and the Lights… 

If your tenants celebrate Christmas, the chances are is that they will want to put up some festive decorations. If this is the case, let them know what is acceptable. It’s fine to be festive, but if they’re putting up anything with a hammer and nails or staple gun, then you certainly don’t want them to cause any damage to your property. 

Safety at Christmas 

Remind tenants to take special care when putting up Christmas lights, particularly if they are planning a large Christmas lighting display! 

# DO’S 

  • Use electrical equipment and lights that are in a good condition. 
  • Keep trailing cables and wires tucked away neatly – knots in wires can cause surges in power and could cause items such as Christmas lights to fuse. 
  • For outdoor displays, remind them to only use lights that are marked ‘for outdoor use’. 
  • Never overload extension cords or power strips.  Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations diligently and carefully inspect the cords for signs of wear or damage before using. 

# DON’T’S 

  • Overload electrical sockets and extension leads. 
  • Wire more than one set of lights into a single plug or transformer. 
  • Use lights that are damaged. 
  • Leave Christmas lights on while they are asleep or away from home. 
  • Don’t let the bulbs touch anything that can burn easily, like paper or fabrics and other Christmas tree decorations. 

Is the smoke alarm working? 

  • Remind your tenant to test the smoke alarm on a weekly basis, and not to neglect to do this over the busy festive season. 

Avoid fire hazards 

  • Ribbons, festive decorations made of tissue paper or cardboard, and greetings cards away from heaters, lights, fireplaces and candles. 
  • Candles should never be left unattended for long periods of time. 

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant it is important that you are aware of your legal rights and obligations. Here at Castle Estates we can provide you with the answers to enable you to stay safe over the festive season. Don’t let anything ruin your Christmas.