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Owing to its versatility and strength, granite has become a popular choice for households. In addition to this, granite slabs don’t depreciate over time; there is no chance, if at all, of bacterial contamination with granite; it is heat resistant and remains lustrous for years to come. It may be a little expensive in comparison to other countertops, but then it also lasts much longer – your eyes will get tired of seeing it, but it won’t fade. So before you go shopping for granite, examine the rules to abide by to select the right product. 


Once limited to expensive households, granite today has become much more affordable. In the course of re-modeling your house, granite countertops are good options for the kitchen and the bathroom. Not only will granite add to the overall value of the house, but also beautify the spaces.  

With that said, a lot of thought will go into selecting the right granite slabs for the house. Never start with the granite slab upfront. First, choose floorings, cupboards, furniture, lights and other fixtures. You’ll want your granite to compliment the interiors and not look distracting.  

Here are some rules to go through before you select granite worktops for the home:

Select a Complementing Color, Not Distracting 

When you are considering granite colors, don’t commit the mistake of choosing colors without matching them with the interiors of the kitchen and the bathroom. You can’t take your kitchen to the granite store, so bring home multiple granite samples, test them and then decide. Don’t ever think you know the kitchen shades by heart and simply pick a granite color you think will fit into the bill.  

You can click pictures of the various shades to match them with your kitchen interiors. In case you have dark kitchen interiors, and you choose equally dark granite, the kitchen might become a dark dungeon.  

Density of Granite Is Proportional To Its Color 

Lighter the shade of granite less will be the density and vice versa. A higher density indicates that the granite slab is less porous and will not catch stains easily. When you are selecting kitchen worktops, consider how fast you will be clearing the mess created by your family. In case everyone at home is tied to busy schedules and do not have time to clean spills, don’t make a mistake by choosing light color granite, it will catch stains more easily.  

Bad Light Can Make the Best Granite Look Dull 

It is a fact that granite will reflect a different color in different lights – bad light can ruin the beauty of the most expensive granite you may buy. If your kitchen and bathroom have less light, buy granite with silver flecks so that light can easily bounce off the granite. In case your kitchen has plenty of light, you can mellow it down with dark colored granite. But be careful not to have everything in the kitchen in dark colors. If your cupboards already hone mahogany, it is better to go for lighter granite slabs. 

Granite Comes In Several Finish Options  

Granite is available in a variety of finishes. Here are the five most commonly available choices for the kitchen and the bathroom:  

Polished: This type of granite is very smooth and shiny. Once the granite is polished with powder and bricks, it tends to become slightly darker than the original shade 

Antiqued Finish: Aged and weathered granite is used to bring about the antique finish. It is deliberately brushed to make it look a little dull.  

Leather Finish: This finish appears soft and smooth with some texture grained here and there. 

Honed finish: A soft and low on gloss shine, this variety of granite is smooth, but maybe slightly more porous than other varieties and may look a bit dull.  

Satin finish: Satin finish gives the granite a vibrant color although not too reflective. The surface is smooth and appears soft too.  

Granite can be used in many versatile ways around the house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, but as a rule always select granite at the end to match with the floorings, the cupboards, and particularly according to the lighting in a room.  

Author Bio: 

Ryan Hendersonis owner of Henderstone LTD, a leading online retailer of quality Granite, Quartz and other worktop variants for homes and offices in South East. He is passionate about all things related to home improvement. Now a specialist worktop supplier, he loves to write on related topics when he finds time from his hectic schedule.